Sustainable lifestyle home

This new build project incorporates a bush covenant, food growing, small scale grazing and ornamental planting  and outdoor enjoyment for two families. The client was looking for a creative sustainable approach to landscape and garden design that would provide not only food, outdoor living and activities, but a high degree of visual beauty from planting incorporating perennials and other flowers. All planting has been designed to encourage invertebrates, especially pollinating insects. There were a number of practical problems to solve including an awkward access, potentially severe flooding from run-off, and very steep slopes remaining after the house construction. These were approached with ecology, sustainable stormwater management and habitat enhancement in mind. The project is still in the design stages – the drawings illustrate the concept level of design.

Left: The Design Concept Plan illustrates the layout in the area around the house. The array of linked garden on the main terrace look out over the surrounding landscape

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