A Yorkshire new-perennial garden


To find out about our typical design process for residential sections see here.

We are senior and experienced designers with enthusiasm for creating memorable garden places. We work closely with the client at all times throughout planning, design and production. To add to our skills and experience, we have an established network of expert colleagues who offer related services in architecture design, planning, and construction and so we can provide full project realisation for home and garden improvements. Our services are summarised below.

garden assessment

  • garden survey and assessment: we identify your garden assets and unusual plants, plus any site problems and opportunities for design. We also carry out historical research for heritage sites. This leads to advice on conservation, management and the potential development of your garden to realise its full potential.

  • tree survey and assessment: we give you advice on all aspects of tree management, including pruning, rejuvenation and planting programmes to provide for future generations of trees, woodland and bush.

planning advice

  • we give you advice on applications for resource or building consents for buildings and other proposed uses.
  • assessment of effects for resource consent: if you need this for new build, extension or alterations, we provide the information needed by council and advise you on how to minimise conditions of consent.

  • we apply for consent and liaise with council on your behalf.  

garden and planting design and management

  • site planning: we help you plan your land for new buildings, extensions and garden development.
  • ecological garden design: We create beautiful and bio-diverse gardens for people and wildlife. We design low energy, low carbon and water sensitive gardens, including low-cost green roofs and vertical gardens.
  • planting plans: We create planting that is well adapted to the site, richly layered and has a strong sense of place and harmony.

  • organic and ecological management: We give advice on long term caring for your garden, including effective weed management, all without pesticides. We design composting and waste recycling, and advise on low energy, low carbon management.

food growing for residential properties

  • we have considerable experience in productive, organic horticulture throughout New Zealand, from Canterbury to Northland. We can advise on site selection, preparation and amelioration, developing fertility and design for effective care and management of food.
  • food forests and woodland gardens: we have experience in establishing food forests from Bay of Plenty to Northland.

  • home food gardens and mini orchards: we help you plan and design your section for using principles and practice of organic production, permaculture and companion planting.

project implementation

  • we offer fully detailed design drawings and specifications to ensure accurate realisation.
  • we source plants and ensure good quality. On some sites we implement planting and food gardens.
  • project management: we obtain competitive quotes or implement by design and build. 

  • supervision: we monitor the work on site to ensure top quality outcomes.